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About Company

OrgaSatva Foods Private Limited is purpose-led Agriculture business group founded with the intention to empower the farmers who are growing organic food and provide healthy food to end customers, removing the chain of middlemen. We understand the pain farmers go through and also customers are craving for quality food. It is the small effort from us to bridge these two ends together, simply because we have played both the roles. The founders of this company are farmers and also worked in Information Technology and in Defense for long years of their career. This experience has triggered to start OrgaSatva and help both farmers and customer.

Our products are directly supplied from the farm to your doorstep. Grains and Pulses are supplied under our brand "O S Organic". So look out for our brand whenever you buy Grocery. We follow ethical practices as we are dealing with food which is directly impacting your health. We care for you and your health. Your feedback and suggestions are important to us. Do write or call us.

Our Vision

Farmer Empowerment

- Work directly with farmers to create sustained livelihood.

- Encourage, help and guide farmers in organic farming.

- Reward them with assured returns for their relentless efforts in 100% organic farming

Customer Benefit

- Ensure penetration of certified organic food

- Work directly with farmers to make 100% certified organic food, more affordable

- Encourage transformation to healthy lifestyle





MD & Co-Founder

Sachin Shaha is an engineering graduate from the Pune University. After spending about 20 years in the IT Industry, decided to bring his love for organic farming and technology together, to start OrgaSatva. His farming background and understanding of the problems that Organic farmers face helped him work on the entire supply chain for all the products offered on the OrgaSatva platform. Through his strong technical foundation, he has put together a strong web and mobile platform for OrgaSatva that offering a wide range of 100% certified organic products to customers at an extremely affordable price.


Director & Co-Founder

Sunil is a veteran Air Warrior. Post retirement, he moved to the IT industry and went on to play senior roles in multiple large organisations. After working with them for more than 15 years, he decided to pursue his entrepreneurial ambitions. He started a chemical industry that works in drug intermediates for pharma industry. He always passionate about farming and helping farmers engage in organic farming and it was here that the idea of OrgaSatva was born. Today, Sunil effortlessly working with farmers on organic farming to establish OrgaSatva’s backward integrity and supply chain.


• OrgaSatva Foods Pvt Ltd

- Frontend market development for Organic fresh unprocessed food and staple food

- Android/IOS mobile app, corporate stalls, Farmers Market, Retail Shops

- Forward and back word linkage and integration

• OrgaSatva Organic Farmers Producers Company Ltd

- Lead backend partner for OrgaSatva Foods Pvt Ltd

- Encourage and Assist farmers in pre and post harvest activities

- Provide sustainable value for organic produce

- Convert and educate farmers in Organic Farming

• OrgaSatva Farms and Agri Tourism

- A well developed organic farm for people to visit and enjoy nature

- Platform for continuous experiments in organic farming