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Organic Hurda Party

by OrgaSatva Farms and Agri Tourism

Enjoy the Hurda Party (Tender Jowar) in the lap of nature with the amazing experience of rural and farm life. The location is surrounded by ultimate attractions including the Pune's famous Necklace Point, Bhatghar Dam view, and Neera- Gunjvani river Sangam.

The Hurda party will be held on the farm which will give direct knowledge of crops, farming activities, plants, and so many nature bound activities. So lets Experience the joy of bonding with nature in your own way.

The lunch will be prepared with Organic food only which is the main differentiator of this Hurda party. You would be aware of the importance of Organic food for our healthy life considering current stressful situations at various age groups.

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Call For Pre-Booking

92 704 704 03

Package: Rs. 650 per person, Rs. 450 for kids (6 to 12 years)
Package Includes :
Lunch (12 PM to 2:30 PM) Maharashtrian Menu Prepared on charcoal stove (Chulha)
Hurda Party (4 PM to 6 PM) Roasted tender Jowar, Peanuts, Sweetcorn, Chutneys, Tea

Come along with your family, friends, and colleagues and Enjoy life.

Ingavali Village, Near Necklace Points, Bhor Phata, Pune- Satara Highway, Taluka- Bhor.
Just 35 KMs away from Pune...
Contact numbers : 93 7375 3977 / 98 9079 9079