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Organic Food is best suitable and recommended for our healthy life.Our regular Conventional food comes to our plate with a lot of poisonous pesticides which are not at good for our body and gateway to many diseases like cancer, cardiac issues, bad immunity, and many more. The in-organic practices of growing conventional food impact other lives and the environment too.

In India, we have been practicing the use of chemical fertilizers since the "Green Revolution” (HaritKranti in 1966-67) leaving behind our own ancient traditional organic practices, Green Revolution was the need of the hour though. But after a few decades, soil quality started degrading and hence yield so farmers and fertilizer companies increasing the doses year on year by using more chemicals, urea, and harmful pesticides to overcome the food production issues. But eventually, the excess use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides started taking a toll on our health, soil quality, and animal welfare and subsequently on nature too. Consumers started facing severe diseases like Cancer, Heart Attacks, etc especially in Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, MP, and Maharashtra. Sadly, 'Cancer Train' is the shocking reality of the side effects of such harmful pesticides.

Now people have realized the impacts of consumption of conventional foods and now making moves toward organic and natural food slowly, long way to go though. Fortunately, India has the largest number of producers (not Production area) of certified organic food.

This will help us locally and Indian consumers will be served with good food as slowly awareness is rising about the benefits of organic farming and certified organic food.

The consumers should also know the source of their food, so always encourage and support your known source.

We at OrgaSatva Foods, are taking efforts to spread awareness about Healthy and Organic food and also working closely with farmers to grow organic food. We are encouraging and assisting farmers with the right organic farming practices and also setting up the marketing channels for their produce which we procure at premium rates than market price.